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Looking for the old Homesteads
Trip to the Czech Republic

2003 Trip to Czech Republic
Miscellaneous Pictures

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Wooden church built  1551 in village of Hodslavice.
Frantisek Palacky, 1st cousin 4 times removed.
I am thinking about leaving this cap with Cousin Frantisek.
Kolaches? No thanks, I've already put on 10 pounds.
I'll take them kolaches.  I'm tired of all of these here apples anyway.
Anna Kostohryz, Widow of 2nd cousin Josef Kostohryz
Anna and Mercedes.  Thanks for all the kolaches and apples.
Anna Kostohryz and her second cousin by marriage, Vernon Kostohryz
James and far-right, Lenka Hurkova (1960), daughter of Josef Kostohryz  Middle is daughter Iva Hurkova (1981).
Lenka Hurkova (1980), another daughter of Lenka (1960).
Hiking trail in woods leading to ruins of ancestor's Ronovec castle.
Zora Kudelka, a distant cousin in Hodslavice related through the Palacky line.
Pernstejn castle, Mercedes' favorite. Closed when we arrived, Mercedes led us through a hole under the gate for a closer look.
Son James in front of a Podoli forest where his great-grandfather Jan Kostohryz (1874) once roamed. Small strip of the forest belonged to Kostohryz family.
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Looking for the old Homesteads 
Trip to the Czech Republic