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These are examples of quality Mexican antiques sold in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Mexican antiques

Mexican ex-voto

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Ernesto Icaza painting

Antigüedades Mexicanas

Border Antiques

of San Miguel de Allende Mexico 

(formerly in Santa Fe and South Texas)

We have on hand a limited supply of quality, hard-to-find Mexican antiques in the categories of  Art, Santos, Dance Masks, and Ranch. 

There is even a century old  painting done by the famous painter of working vaqueros, Ernesto Icaza.  Click on the pictures seen on both sides to get a better visual idea of what we handle.

There is no shop, so call or email for an appointment in my home if you happen to be visiting in San Miguel and would like to see the merchandise.  You can see much of the merchandise in our website.

Visit collection by appointment only.
Prolongacion Cuesta de San Jose 6 
Colonia Balcones

Vernon R. Kostohryz


Mexican antiques, ex-votos, exvotos, retablos, spurs
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Mexican dance masks


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