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Andel of Ronovec

This information was compiled and translated by Martin Pytr, a professional genealogy researcher from Morkov in the Czech Republic.

Andel z Ronovce (Andel from Ronovec) old knight family originated from the lords of Tetin.
Coat of arms black bull with golden hornes and hoofs in the blue shield.
Their forefather, Jesek z Tetina (from Tetin) (1342-1393), got in 1362 Ronovec castle nearby Caslav. He also owned some estates nearby Prague, for example Bynice, where he lived until 1393. His son Jan is mentioned in 1393. In 1432, during Hussite Wars, is mentioned Stepan Andel z Ronovce (see his seal, picture 256) and also Zikmund Andel z Ronovce (1440-1450).
Zikmund was in 1440 at congress at Caslav where he was elected to be a assistent of the leader of Hradec Kralove region.
Jan Andel z Ronovce was sent in 1470 from Chrudim region to prepare defense against Hungary. In 1488 he got estates of Sezem cloister but he sold ones to Vilem of Pernstein in 1491. He owned also Morasice. His possible brother Stepan Andel z Ronovce owned since 1473 Prelouc estates but he also sold it to Vilem. Hynek Andel z Ronovce (1505-1532) owned Zasmuky, and lived at Frumburk Castle. He also owned Morasice, Tribrichy, Mezilesice and estates nearby Chrudim. It is supposed that his brother was Vaclav Andel z Ronovce, who had disputes with Vilem of Pernstein in 1520.
Anna, daughter of Hynek was married with Jan Hlavac, burgher from Vysoke Myto.
One of the sons of Hynek, Achyles, sold Frymburk Castle before 1534 to Jan Trcka of Lipa, and later moved to Brloh. His brothers, Burian and Zikmund sold in 1538 dominium of Hermanuv Mestec. The dominium, together with heritage after their father they divided.
Burian got Morasice, what he sold in 1544 and moved to Stolany until his death in 1568.
Zikmund got Hermanuv Mestec and was very popular there. As a calixtian, took his part in rebelion in 1547 and therefore he had to paid for it. He lost all of his property and was arrested. Firstly was arrested for long-live penalty but later it was changed. He died in 1572 and estates of Hermanuv Mestec came to property of the King, because Zikmund had not any son. The rest of his estates came in 1578 to properties of their daughters.
Alzbeta (married with Vaclav Ples Hermansky of Sloupno) and Katerina (married with Jan junior of Valdstein).
Zikmund senior Andel z Ronovce (died in 1535) came from the another line.
He had the following sons: Habart (died in 1535), Mikulas, Stepan, Jan and Krystof. Habart had son Vacslav (died in 1538). All the men owned Benesovice, nearby Chrudim and Brloh. Since the half of 16th century the family poored and owned only estates nearby Chrudim and farms at villages:
- Jan Andel at Raskovice.
Together with his first wife (Kunka of Libodrzice, died in 1571) he had son named Stepan.

- Burian Andel at Mirovice (mentioned in 1589)

- Hynek Andel at town of Chrudim (mentioned in 1589), later at Suchotlesky (1610). His son Stepan (died in 1607) an daughter Veronika (died in 1608) are buried at Ronov. Another son Zikmund died in 1630.

Since the time is a lack of information about the family, although some of their members are mentioned also in the 18th century.

Encyclopedy Ottuv slovnik naucny, pages 275-276

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