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Built and Maintained
by Vernon Kostohryz

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This is the Border Antiques site of Vernon Kostohryz. Formerly selling Mexican Antiques in Texas and New Mexico, the owner/collector is now retired in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (the shining light on the logo marks the spot). The largest part of the business is online with the unique position of being close to the source of the now diminishing supply of authentic antiques.  The business stocks colonial iron including spurs, bits, stirrups,and other ranch oriented items. Art works include retablos,  santos, and a large collection of ex-votos.   There is a large collection of Mexican ceremonial dance masks and puppets..
Authentic Mexican Dance Mask
The authentic Mexican ceremonial dance mask collection is one section of the Border Antiques site.  There is usually 100 to 200 quality masks on hand.  Most are of museum quality. The greatest part of the masks come from the highlands of the states of Mexico and Veracruz. Also included in the collect are puppets that are unique to the region that I search.
Authentic Mexican Antiques
This is what I call the "compadre" links. It lists a few select sources of items similar to the products sold by Border Antiques.
Authentic Mexican Ceremonial Dance Masks
When I last visited this carver of masks, he was in his late nineties. The link leads to one interesting visit and interview with this very interesting man.
Museum Quality Mexican Dance Masks
This site lists masks collected and chosen by me on a monthly basis for a Mexican mask wall of fame. The list was begun in 2005.  After a few years, and fewer and less productive trips to my source of quality masks, I then selectedt only one mask at the end of each year. As of 1 January 2015, after a completed decade, I no longer add more selections. I have renamed the site Mexican Masks of the Decade (2005-2014) Wall of Fame.
Kostohryz Rydel Genealogy This is my personal genealogy site called:
  Kostohryz -- Rydel
        Looking Back 400 Years
As a part of the genealogy study of my ancestors we made this trip to the Czech Republic in 2003:
       Looking for the old Homesteads
         Trip to the Czech Republic
A friend in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Mexico asked that I assist his family sell a valuable piece of property located downtown, two and one-half blocks from the Jardin. Click on the picture for more details.

Vernon R.Kostohryz